Artist Statement


Melissa Richmond

Quilts and Fiber Art

I started quilting in 1987 by making a sampler quilt.  Although I’d studied painting and drawing in college, it wasn’t until I made my first quilt that I felt I had found my artistic medium.   I get ideas from every aspect of my ordinary life—my daily walks, color combinations I see, art, funny words I hear, music, antique quilts and of course from the heaps of fabric I have in my studio.

I learned to sew and embroider from my grandmother and mother when I was a little girl.  I made clothes for my trolls and dolls and embroidered designs on my jeans.  I am starting to incorporate more embroidery into my work.

I love making fiber art because I can talk about what is important to me.   I can express myself through my love of fabric, color, texture and pattern.   I have lots of ideas and enjoy the entire creative process.   Thank you for looking at my work.

June 2021